The Natural Pet Expo was a community event operating from 2004-2010 in the Philadelphia region dedicated to educating and supporting animal health and wellness. 

This site is in honor of all the people, pets and supporters that helped create, manage and organize the event throughout the years.

Thank you!



Natural Pet Expo: Your Partner in Pet Wellness 

If you're like me, your pet means the world to you. You'd do just about anything to make sure he is happy, healthy and in good spirits. 

Imagine my dismay when, back in 1999, my wise and beautiful English Springer/Pointer mix, Frank, became sick with two terminal illness's. When he didn't respond to conventional medicine, I began to immerse myself in all I didn't know about animal wellness, alternative therapies, and nutrition.  I sought help and was profoundly moved by how his body and spirit immediately responded to holistic care and diet.  He lived nearly 2 years beyond the traditional vets predictions, despite suffering from a heart condition and Degenerative Myelopathy.  His care transformed him into a dog with bright eyes, shiny coat and a re-energized, happy spirit.   As if to cement the facts before my eyes, in mid February of 2002,  two strangers approached me on separate occasions to ask how old my 'puppy' was?  Frank was 14 years old and died a week later in my arms under an old knotty pine tree.  I still miss him.

 Fast forward 6 months to August 2002, when I was adopted by Sascha, an energetic, playful and lovable English Shepherd.  She was and still is a joy to be around, delighting me everyday with her charm, natural healing abilities and enthusiasm for life.  When she was felled by chronic Lyme disease, food and chemical allergies, and raw diet issues -- I was challenged anew to seek out  natural, safe and effective healing information, tools, products and methodologies.

Both Frank & Sascha are my teachers and the inspiration behind the Natural Pet Expo.  Because of them, I researched, read, attended lectures, listened, networked and found that making healthy choices for my pet becomes easy when informed. I learned that the best care involves optimal nutrition, a balanced, natural lifestyle and a proactive approach to healing and wellness. It is my honor and privilege to share all of this with you in this forum.

Whether you are new to natural pet care or an advocate, the Natural Pet Expo allows you to build a stronger partnership with your pets by sharing suggestions and answers to lead to a more natural life -- a need for healthy food, two way communication, play, exercise, reinforcing positive behaviors and so much more. 

Bette Hanson & Sascha - Founder, Director Natural Pet Expo 





 Since, 2004, our mission at the Natural Pet Expo has been to educate pet guardians about natural pet wellness. From nutrition, behavior & health care to making choices and understanding the latest educational information and articles, the Natural Pet Expo is your partner online & in person, to answer questions and provide solutions for holistic animal care and wellness.

Our intention is to provide integrative choices to improve your pet’s well being, deepening the animal/human bond and enabling you to take a proactive, informed role in your pet’s care.